Hello, fellow fundraising elves,

Thanks to your generous donations, I will be dropping off a money order for $7000 (total after Go Fund Me fees) to the Feed Nova Scotia offices on the Bedford Highway.

This will help a lot of people, kids. You should feel VERY proud!

Thanks again to all of you and thanks to the continued support of local businesses who donate a lot of terrific prizes to this cause while also being extremely supportive & encouraging behind the scenes. Without them, there would be no AndyVent.


And remember to support your local shops, especially this time of year, when foot traffic is slower and budgets are a bit tighter. Even one extra visit helps.

Thanks again to AndyVent elves, Ellen (for doing prize pick ups) and Arthur at Halifax ReTales (for prize pick ups, site hosting & design).

And I’ll keep on thanking you, the folks who have gotten behind this campaign. For sharing it, for spreading the news, for explaining to others how it works, who it helps and just how ridiculous the grand prizes are!

So another big congrats to MidWay Point Winner Sonja Nauss and Grand Prize Winner, Christa Greenwood!

15726264_651295661738957_8624034017217823216_n 15697758_651296128405577_1347568431334957268_n

And finally, many thanks to the people at Feed Nova Scotia, for doing what they do, day in and day out. The AndyVent is just a drop in the bucket when it comes to the continued support this organization needs on a daily basis.

That’s a wrap, kids.

Until next time.

Keep on feeding the need.











^ Click for larger image, additional Calendar info!

GoFundMe Donation Link:

Day 24 of the AndyVent Calendar has revealed $73 in tickets from Sonic Concerts (Measha Brueggergosman at the Cohn)

Remember, for every $5 donated on the GoFundMe campaign, you receive 1 ballot to win all 24 AndyVent Calendar prizes! (Over $1800 value)

All proceeds go to Feed Nova Scotia


GoFundMe Donation Link:

Recap So far:

Day 1: $50 gift card from Freak LunchBox (Bedford & Halifax locations)

Day 2: $40 gift card from Pizzatown Sackville (225 Cobequid Road)

Day 3: $50 gift card from Krave Burger (Spring Garden Road)

Day 4: $100 gift card from Manorhouse Furniture. (Bedford Highway)

Day 5: $32 in free cupcakes from Susie’s Shortbreads and Cupcakes! (Halifax)

Day 6: $75 worth of comics from Cape And Cowl Comics & Collectibles. (Sackville)

Day 7: $50 gift card from The Wooden Monkey. (Halifax / Dartmouth)

Day 8: $50 gift certificate & coffee mug from Bodega Boutique (Dartmouth)

Day 9: $40 in tasty goodness from Made With Local. (Real Food Bars & Loaded Oats).

Day 10: $60 prize pack (gift certificates, t-shirt, ball cap) from King Of Donair.

Day 11: $82 in gift certificates from Souper Duper Soup & Frosting Cake & Events (Dartmouth)

Day 12: $50 in gift certificates from Humble Pie.(Dartmouth)

Day 13: $25 gift card from Good Robot Brewing Company and $32 in free Heroes from Rinaldo’s (Halifax)

Day 14: $240 in free donuts from Ol’ School Donuts (36 mini donuts per month for a year!)

Day 15: $100 Pizza Party from Freeman’s Little New York (Sackville)

Day 16: $105 in Taxis and Tacos! $30 in gift certificates from Taco Del Mar (Halifax) and $75 in gift certificates from Casino Taxi!

Day 17: $100 gift card from Bishop’s Cellar. (Halifax)

Day 18: $100 (candy and free membership) from Daily Sweets & Halifax VR Room.

Day 19: $100 Swag Bag ($50 in gift certificates, t-shirt, toque, coffee mug & water bottle) from Salvatore’s Pizzaiolo Trattoria.

Day 20: $100 in prizes from Sugah! (2 x chocolate wreaths), Lost Cod Clothing Co. (1 x Halifax Citadels hoodie) & Rum Runners Rum Cake Factory (1 x Chocolate rum cake).

Day 21: $75 in prizes from BoneHeads BBQ ($50 gift card) and Canning Sauce Co. (2 bottles of hot sauce).

Day 22: $130 in prizes from Unfiltered Brewing ($25 gift card), Ardmore Tea Room ($25 gift certificate) and Kissed By The Sea ($80 in sea glass inspired necklaces)

Day 23: $75 in prizes from Dartmouth Gate Guardian($50 in Christmas Chocolate) and a $25 gift certificate from The Ultimate Party and Event Store.(Sackville)

Day 24: $73 in tickets from Sonic Concerts (Measha Brueggergosman at the Cohn)


All proceeds go to Feed Nova Scotia

AndyVent Calendar 3: Feed The Need!


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GoFundMe Donation Link:

Dear Fellow Kringles,

Thanks to generous local businesses and equally generous folks like yourself, The AndyVent is officially a trilogy.

And tis the season!

Kids, plenty of people in Nova Scotia can use our help. By donating here, all proceeds go to the fine, hard working folks at Feed Nova Scotia.

Follow me on Twitter @evilpez4 for more information on this campaign and daily updates on this worthwhile cause.

The full amount, minus GoFundMe fees will be presented to Feed Nova Scotia on January 5th.

Folks, a big thanks to everyone who has spread the word on the previous AndyVent campaigns. Together we’ve helped raise over $8K. Let’s continue to help feed the need.


Thanks so much,

GoFundMe Donation Link:


AndyVent Calendar 2: Xmas In July Winners!

The AndyVent Calendar 2: Christmas In July draws took place at the Feed Nova Scotia’s Bedford Highway office today (Tuesday, August 2nd, 12:00pm).

Congratulations to the two winners!

AndyVent Calendar ($1800+ in prizes): Ian Watson

Runner Up Prize ($650+ in prizes): Marilee Murphy

Thanks again to everyone who donated, contributed prizes, spread the word and helped out with the campaign. (Big thanks to Arthur at Halifax ReTales for hosting my page).

Once the smoke clears, I looked like we raised about $3K (after GoFundMe fees and adding in PayPal donations are factored in)

Not too shabby!

See you all again in November!




AndyVent Calendar 2: New Draw Date: August 2nd

Oops!!  The fine folks over at Feed Nova Scotia pointed out they won’t be in the office on Monday August 1st due to the Natal Day Long Weekend.

So, the AndyVent Calendar 2 draw will now take place at Noon on Tuesday August 2nd.

An extra day to spread the word about the Calendar, procrastinate on your donation, or just daydream about which prize you’ll use if you win it all! (Calendar = $1800+ value / Runner Up Prize = $650+ value)

GoFundMe Donation Page:×38

Thanks again for your continued support!




The AndyVent Calendar 2: Xmas In July: Day 31

AndyVent2.Cal - JULY31 copy

^click to enlarge

Link to GoFundMe page:×38

The thirty-first and FINAL day of the Calendar has revealed a $100 All You Can Eat Pizza Party from Freeman’s.

Another terrific prize, donated by another generous local business.


Remember, for every $5 donated on the GoFundMe campaign, you receive 1 ballot to win all 31 AndyVent Calendar prizes! (Over $1800 value)

You also get a chance at winning the Runner Up Prize-apalooza! (Over $650 value)


Link to GoFundMe page×38

Recap So far:

Day 1: $50 gift card from The Wooden Monkey (Dartmouth & Halifax locations)

Day 2: $30 gift basket from Made With Local (Darmouth NS, on sale at various HRM businesses.)

Day 3: $32 in free cupcakes (1 dozen) from Susie’s Shortbreads (Halifax)

Day 4: $50 gift certificate and coffee mug from Bodega Boutique (Dartmouth)

Day 5: $25 gift certificate from Ultimate Party And Event Store (Sackville)

Day 6: $30 swag bag from Cape And Cowl Comics (Sackville)

Day 7: $50 prize pack from King Of Donair (Multiple HRM locations)

Day 8: $40 in gift cards from Truck-Side Food Truck Food Court (Dartmouth)

Day 9: $25 in gift certificates from Taco Del Mar Dresden Road (Halifax)

Day 10: $125 gift card from Krave Burger (Halifax)

Day 11: $70 in chocolate from Dartmouth Gate Guardian and Newfoundland Chocolate Company

Day 12: $45 in suds and sauce from Good Robot Brewing Company and $25 in hot sauce from Canning Sauce Co.

Day 13: $100 gift card from The Fickle Frog Pub (Halifax)

Day 14: $40 in gift certificates from Humble Pie (Dartmouth)

Day 15: $40 tub of Moon Mist ice-cream gift certificate from Sugah! (Halifax)

Day 16: $50 in gift cards from Freak Lunchbox (Halfax / Bedford)

Day 17: $50 in gift certificates from Souper Duper Soup ($25) and Frosting: Cake and Event Design ($25). (Dartmouth)

Day 18: $40 gift card from Pizzatown Sackville.

Day 19: $65 in clothing from The Lost Cod Clothing Co. (Halifax)

Day 20: $50 gift card from Boneheads BBQ (Halifax)

Day 21: $100 gift certificate from Manorhouse Furniture. (Halifax)

Day 22: $75 (2 tickets) to upcoming Jill and Matthew Barber concert from Sonic Concerts.

Day 23: $60 prize pack from Salvatore’s Pizzaiolo Trattoria. (Halifax)

Day 24: $50 prize pack from Port City Cafe. (Dartmouth)

Day 25: $240 subscription to Ol School Donuts, “Donut of the Month” club.

Day 26: A $25 gift card from Unfiltered Brewing and $25 in gift certificates from the Ardmore Tea Room. (Halifax)

Day 27: $40 in coffee and cake from Rum Runners Rum Cake Factory (Halifax)

Day 28: $80 prize pack from Sailor Bup’s Barbershop. (Halifax/Dartmouth)

Day 29: $100 in passes (2) from Prismatic Arts Festival

Day 30: $25 swag bag from Sugar Shok Treat Boutique (including 2 x free Award Winning Milkshake coupons) (Dartmouth) AND a $25 gift certificate to Fisherman’s Market from Seabright Smokehouse. (Bedford Highway)

Day 31: $100 All You Can Eat Pizza Party from Freeman’s.

The AndyVent Is Back, Back Again!

Donate At: The AndyVent Calendar 2: Christmas In July

Or via PayPal:

Dear Fellow Summertime Elves,

Andy Bowers here, AKA @evilpez4 on Twitter from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada, speaking to you from the land of online fundraising.

After a deliriously successful December campaign, I’m back, bigger (31 Days!), better & toting a big ol’ barrel of SPF 30.

You see, Hunger doesn’t take a Holiday.

Plenty of families in Nova Scotia could use a helping hand, especially during months where awareness and donations might not be as high.

So, with help again from extremely generous local businesses & your equally awesome donations, I want to drum up some much needed dollars for Feed Nova Scotia. (here’s their link)

Follow my Twitter feed. @evilpez4 for more information on this worthwhile cause!

The full amount, minus what GoFundMe takes, will be presented to Feed NovaScotia on August 5th, 2016.

31+ local businesses will be donating items for this unique spin on the Advent Calendar.

For every $5 you pledge, you get 1 x ballot for a chance to win ALL 31 days on August 1st!

New item and $ value announced each day, starting July 1st!

That GoFundMe link again:×38

Kids, this is a way worthy cause, and to be honest, a way better use of my time than spying on my Drunk Neighbors (not that I will stop that, I can’t look away)

Ho, Ho, Ho! Give, give, give!

-Santa Andy